Writing Product Titles That Get Your Product Listings Discovered on Craftrina

Writing Product Titles that Sell

One part of a Craftrina product listing is the product title. Writing product titles that get your product listings discovered on Craftrina is important to your shops success.

The product title is the first thing customers see when browsing a product page on Craftrina. Here’s what you should be asking yourself every time you need to create a product title:  

  • Does the product title provide the customer with the clear and correct information that represents this product?  
  • Is the product title eye-catching enough that the customer will continue looking at through the product details?  

Craftrina uses product titles to display handmade products in the marketplace search results. A concise, clear and relevant title helps drive traffic to a product listing. Product titles should always be formatted consistently and accurately.

Follow our guidelines below to create handmade product titles that leave a great first impression on the customer: 

  • Fully describe each product so they are included in our browse and search results.  
  • Each individual word in the product name is searchable by itself. Take this product title for example, suppose your product name is “Crochet Baby Blanket Pink and Purple Chenille Yarn.” This product title is very detailed, and has a good selection of search terms even before additional search terms are added. 

Tips on how to create a great title  

  • DO NOT capitalize the first letter of each word  
  • DO NOT include price and quantity 
  • DO NOT use ALL CAPS  
  • DO NOT capitalize: (PRODUCT BUNDLES) State the value in parenthesis  
  • Conjunctions (“and”, “or”, “for”) as a (“pack” of X)  
  • Articles (“the”, “a”, “an”)  
  • Keep the product short (under 65 characters), but make sure to include ALL critical information  
  • Prepositions with fewer than five letters (50 characters maximum “on”, “over”, “with”, etc.)  
  • Note: Please include only standard text. 
  • DO NOT include seller information Type 1 High ASCII characters (®, ©, ™, etc.) 
  • DO NOT include symbols in your listings (such as: * $? 
  • DO NOT include commentary such as “Hot Item” or “Best Seller” 
  • ONLY include the material type in the title if it is relevant to your product 
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