Writing Product Descriptions 

Writing product descriptions which are effective, they need to be packed with helpful information and clear. In your full handmade product description, you should include some key details from the feature product summary. However, you do not want to write a simple product description. Instead, write a well-written product description that helps the customer imagine the experience of owning or handling the handmade product.

Think like the customer:  

  • What would they want to feel, touch, ask, and want? 

Follow the Product Description Rules:

  • Incorporate information about the feel, usage and benefits of your product to spark the customer’s imagination. The point is to create an “in-store” experience.
  • Product Descriptions are limited to 2000 characters.  
  • DO NOT Describe the major product features and list  
  • DO NOT include your seller name, e-mail address, product information including size, used-for website URL, or any company-specific and style information 
  • Keep it short, but include critical information 
  • DO NOT write about anything but the product for 
  • Include accurate dimensions, care instructions sale; this is your opportunity to tell the and warranty information customer what they are buying 
  • Use correct grammar and complete sentences 

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