Understanding the Difference Between Product Types

When adding a handmade product to your Craftrina shop, the first thing you’ll need to do, is decide what type of product it is. 

Product Types

Simple Product: 

A simple product will cover the  majority of handmade products you sell. Simple products are shipped and have no additional options (such as selling a book). 

Grouped Products:

Grouped products are a  collection of related products that can be purchased individually and are made up of simple products. (such as a set of drinking glasses). 

Virtual Products

Virtual products are products that don’t require physical shipping. (such as a service).

*Choosing a virtual product, automatically disables any shipping related fields. A virtual product also does not trigger the shipping calculator in the cart or at checkout. 

Downloadable Product

Downloadable products are digital products that a customer can download. When the downloadable product is selected, it automatically activates additional fields where you can provide a downloadable file for the customer. After a successful purchase, customers are given a downloadable file via a link in their order notification email. (products such as digital papers, web templates, mock-ups, etc.).

Variable Product

A variable product is a product with variations, each of which may have a different SKU, price, stock option, etc. (such as a t-shirt available in different colors and/or sizes). 

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