How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti 

Make your own polymer clay confetti! 

This quick and super easy tutorial is for anyone who loves creating cute things with polymer clay! Today we’re going to show how you how to make clay confetti pieces. Have you ever found yourself trying to create a beautiful DIY project only to find that you’re missing the last craft supply embellishment needed to complete your project? It causes frustration and unnecessary trips to the craft store.  

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti-Fun Confetti Facts 

Did You Know?  

clay confetti pieces tutorial diy

Confetti is actually made out of are tiny pieces of paper, Mylar, or metallic material and is used for celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, parades, etc. Confetti is plural for Italian confetto, which means small sweet. Modern confetti traces back to the rituals of tossing sweets and grain during celebrations. It’s a tradition used by numerous cultures which dates back to pagan times. Through the centuries, confetti evolved from grains and sweets to its paper form.  

Confetti comes in an array of colors and can be found in all different shapes and sizes. A hole punch can be used to make small round chads. It was actually an Italian business man from Milan, Enrico Mangili, who invented paper confetti in 1875.   

He began selling paper confetti which could be used for carnevale di Milano, which was an annual parade held along the streets of the city. The Province of Milan was a main hub for silk manufacturing. Mangili started collecting small punched paper disks that were left over from producing holed sheets used by the silkworm breeders as cage lining. Customers found the paper confetti to be less harmful and cheaper than the current alternatives, therefore replacing confetti materials. 

Confetti throwing made its first debut at the 1885 New Year’s Eve in Paris, France and a few decades later became common in all of Europe.  

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti-Use up Those Clay Scraps! 

If you have a bunch of different colored polymer clay pieces, making clay confetti is a great way to use up those smaller scraps of clay you have laying around.  

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti-Upcoming Tutorials  

We have a couple upcoming awesome tutorials that will include our polymer clay confetti. So, go ahead and follow our tutorial today and you’ll be set to create our other projects in the near future! We put this quick DIY tutorial together in case you ever come across needing polymer clay confetti. Ready, set, go! 

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti-Materials Needed 

polymer clay tutorial-supplies needed diy

Polymer clay in different colors (we suggest choosing at least three colors, but it also depends on the type of project you’re using it for) 

  • Single Hole punch (choose a size that fits your project) 
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil  
  • Q-tip  
  • Clay 
  • Rolling pin  
  • Clean, smooth surface 
  • Glitter (optional)   

How to Make Polymer Clay Confetti-Before You Start   

Dab your Q-tip into olive oil or vegetable oil and lightly rub it over the circular part of the punch. This will help the confetti piece to release easier once you’ve made your punch.  

Step 1: If you’re using multiple colors, choose one and remove a piece approximately the size of a quarter and roll it into a long cylinder shape  

Quick Tip: If your clay is really hard, you can add just a drop of olive oil or vegetable oil to soften it up a bit. Make sure you only add a tiny bit, otherwise your clay will become too soft and sticky.  

Step 2: Next, using your clay rolling pin, flatten your cylinder shape until it’s approximately less than a ¼ inch thick.  

polymer clay-flattening the clay diy

Step 3: Now, that you have your clay rolled out evenly—take your hole punch and punch out your confetti pieces.  

polymer clay-cutting out the confetti pieces diy

Quick Tip: The key here is to lightly and quickly press your hole punch to prevent your confetti piece from sticking to your punch  

Step 4: Carefully place your confetti pieces on a non-stick baking sheet. Make sure to space them out so they aren’t touching (otherwise, they’ll fuse together during the baking process).  

polymer clay-baking confetti pieces diy

Step 5: Set your oven to the recommended baking temperature listed on your polymer clay package. We set ours at 250 degrees F and baked our confetti pieces for about 15 minutes.  

polymer clay-baking confetti pieces diy

polymer clay-baking confetti pieces diy

Step 6: Once you remove the tray from the oven, let them cool for approximately 10 minutes. 

clay confetti pieces tutorial diy

Guess what? That’s it! Told you it was super easy! We can’t wait to show you how to incorporate your polymer clay confetti into our next couple of projects. So, stay tuned and get ready for some cuteness! We hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! If you did, please consider sharing with a friend?  

We want to know what you think of our tutorial. Let us know what you think by leaving comments and questions in the comment section below. We always love hearing from you!