What to do When a Buyer is Banned for Filing Chargebacks/Unauthorized Purchases 

If you haven’t shipped the item, DO NOT SHIP IT! You need to refund the buyer. To do this, click on the PayPal transaction and then click on “Refund”. Once you have completed this step, in order to process the fee refund, simply follow the fee refund request prompt on the original listing page. Craftrina cannot complete the fee refund until the refund to the buyer is marked as “Completed”, which may take a day or two. 

If you have already shipped the item, try to contact your local post office to have the parcel rerouted back to you. If you’re unable to get the package rerouted and a PayPal case is opened, make sure to provide PayPal with all relevant information needed, which includes the listing link and tracking information. Paypal needs this important information so they know that the purchase was legitimate. Provide them with as much information as possible and then let us know how it goes. That way, we can review the buyer account and take any necessary action to protect the Craftrina community from this fraudulent activity. 

If you lose the PayPal claim despite providing sufficient evidence, please email us with PayPal’s case resolution, a link to the listing, and tracking information so we can further review the situation. 

Please note: If your account is suspended, you are ineligible for any type of protection.


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