Voided Payments on PayPal 

If you see multiple voided payments on your PayPal activity or summary this may be due to buyer’s PayPal account. Payments are being voided due to buyer issues with: 

New PayPal account. 

– Unverified credit card, it may take up to 24 hours for the bank to process the information. 

Exceeding PayPal Balance. 

– Limitations on the PayPal. 

– Temporary PayPal payment processing service issues. 

If you are still having issues as the buyer when purchasing, we recommend contacting PayPal’s customer service center so, they can look into this issue for you. 

If the summary shows “Payment from” this means the payment was completed successfully. You may verify this by clicking on the transaction link. It will either show Payment Status: COMPLETED or PENDING on the transaction page. 

The seller can now ship the item.

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