Add shipment tracking information to your Craftrina orders and provide your customers with an easy way to track their orders. 

  • Add shipment tracking info to orders – shipping provider, tracking number and shipping date 
  • Add multiple tracking numbers to orders 
  • Select shipping providers to use when adding tracking info to orders 
  • Display shipment tracking information and tracking link on customer order emails 
  • Choose on which Customer emails to include the tracking info. 
  • Custom order statuses – Delivered, Partially Shipped, Updated Tracking 

Adding Tracking Info to Orders 

On the Order screen, you will see a Shipment Tracking panel for shipment information: 

To add shipment information for the customer to be able to track orders: 

  • Choose a shipping provider – this should be the shipping company you use. If your provider is not listed, contact us and we will add it. 
  • Tracking number – add the tracking number that the shipping provider assigned. If you chose the custom option, you need to enter the full link to the company’s tracking page (if applicable). 
  • Choose shipping date (optional) – which is when the package was shipped. 
  • Test the preview link to see if it works as you expect. (optional) 
  • Save tracking – Tracking info will be saved into the order, this will not affect the order status. 
  • Add additional tracking numbers by clicking Add Tracking Number. (optional) 

Now, you are ready to change the order status to Complete (shipped). Marking the order as Shipped will send the Shipped (Completed) Order email to the customer with the tracking info. 

Adding Tracking information to orders: 

Order Shipment Tracking System

Order Shipment Tracking System

Tracking Info Sent to Customer 

The shipment tracking information will be sent to the customer in the order as ‘Completed’ (Shipped) emails and will also display in the customers ‘My Account’ under. The tracking link directs the customer to the shipment tracking page on the shipping providers website. 

Order Shipment Tracking System

The shipment tracking will display on the top of the order status page:

Order Shipment Tracking System

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