Invoices & Packing Slips 

Sellers can print invoices, packing slips, delivery notes & labels 

Why are Customer Invoices so Important? 

It is always good practice to include an invoice and packing list when you are shipping a package. It serves as a confirmation of what the package contains along with your contact information and the details of the purchase. 

Including an invoice with a purchase is standard requirement in many countries when shipping internationally.  Invoices should contain all order details such as name and address of your company, billing address of your customer, and a list of all order items including taxes and total amounts. 

Including an invoice and packing slip when shipping your product also establishes an extra line of communication between you and the customer and adds a special human touch. 

Craftrina Invoice & Packing Slip Features 

  •  Sellers can add their shop logo and store name on email and PDF invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, as well as shipping and dispatch labels. 
  • Bulk print all shipping labels from the orders page. 
  • Send Invoice PDF by email 
  • Allow logged-in customers to print their invoice from the ‘My Account’ page. 
  • Add your customized return policy message on the labels. 
  • Print Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Label, Delivery Note & Dispatch Label from the Order Page. 
  • Generate PDF Shipping Label, PDF Packing Slip, PDF Delivery Note, PDF Dispatch Label and PDF Invoice. 
  • Auto generate customized invoice numbers with a provision to set prefix, suffix as well as padding (number of digits of the invoice number) for your invoice number or, set Order Number as Invoice Number. 
  • Generate shipping label/ address label: Generate and print shipping label from within your Craftrina shop. 
  • Configure base shipping from address: You can set the base address of your shop which will be used in the label as the ‘shipping from’ address. 
  • Preview before printing: This feature allows you to view what a printed Label would look like on the screen before printing a hard copy. 

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