Advanced Refunds & Exchange System  

Our Advanced Refund System helps build trust and increases the customer satisfaction rate by offering a secure and simple refund system. 

Refund/Exchange Policy is important for any online shop. Sometimes, customers only purchase if and only if they find a refund policy for a shop! 

Just to mention, none of the payment will be processed automatically, Craftrina has to approve refund requests manually. 

Processing Customer Request Refunds

If a seller has already requested a refund or withdraw commission for that order then they will not able to ask for refund. 

Customer Refund Request

Setting Shop Refund Options

Sellers may set their refund option through the popup screen that displays’, sellers may ask for – 

  • Full Refund 
  • Partial Refund 

Additionally, the seller may also add the reason for the refund request. 

Partial Refunds

For a partial refund, the seller has to insert the amount that will be refunded. 

Please Note: Payment will not be refunded automatically, Craftrina has to do this manually. 

Refund details are visible under each order details page for sellers. 

Sellers will see refund details under their commission invoice as well. 

Sellers will receive notifications for all “Refund” activities.

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