Craftrina’s Payment System 

Craftrina processes all transactions through PayPal for Marketplaces, a new payment system from PayPal built specifically for handling transactions on marketplaces like Craftrina. We have partnered directly with PayPal to use this new system and gain the many benefits it provides to our community marketplace. 

Current Benefits 

Some benefits of the new system are immediate, and you’ll see as soon as you start selling! 

Improved Security for Sellers 

  • This new payment system gives us insight into any cases or disputes that a buyer has opened, including the reasons and current statuses of those claims. 
  • The upgraded system also allows us to halt a buyer’s payment from processing before it gets to the seller if we deem that buyer to be suspicious or potentially fraudulent. 
  • The increased transparency over claims and a new ability to halt payments combine to significantly improve our ability to fight chargeback & credit card fraud and protect our sellers, both new and old. 

Mobile Optimization 

  • An easier checkout experience for buyers on mobile. 
  • A much better interface for managing sales, making it much easier to do things like search for transactions and attach shipping information. 

Payment & Fee Transparency 

  •  All transactions now have their fees outlined in a single location so that you can clearly see Craftrina Fees, PayPal Fees, and your own profit in one place. 


Find like-minded buyers from within our community for your handmade goods. Listing an item is always free and our commission rates are the lowest around. As with buying, sellers who transact through Craftrina with PayPal are protected!  

Craftrina's Payment System

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