Craftrina Payment Holds 

If you’ve sold an item recently, you may find that your funds are being held once you’ve made a sale. When you’ve made a sale and the funds are held by Craftrina. The funds will only be released when you have shipped your sale and you have added valid tracking information on Craftrina. 

The funds for your sale may be held for up to 14 days until tracking information has been added. If you do not provide tracking information on Craftrina within 5 days, the buyer will be eligible to request a refund. 

Your funds will be released within 3 days after the tracking information confirms delivery. Once you’ve entered tracking information on Craftrina and the tracking information confirms delivery, you’ll receive notification that the funds have been released. 

If your funds have been released by Craftrina and are still not available in your PayPal account, please see our article on PayPal Payment Holds for more information. 

If you are unable to ship or require further assistance with the holds process, please contact our support team and we’ll be glad to resolve any issues.


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