Craftrina Seller Reports

Reports in your Craftrina seller dashboard give you the ability to see your shop’s performance from month to month using graphs and stats. Performance reports have four sections: Orders, Customers, Stock and Taxes.

To view them your Craftrina shop’s performance reports, go to the Seller Dashboard > Reports.


The Orders section allows you to view gross and net sales volume and totals, as well as top sellers, top freebies, top earners, and product downloads. Sub-sections are shown below.

Seller Reports

Note: By default, orders marked Processing, On Hold and Completed are counted as sales.

Sales by date

The Orders tab starts with Sales by Date. This gives you an idea of the current performance via a sales graph. There are a few ways to drill down into the performance data- by:

  • Year
  • Previous month
  • Current month
  • Last 7 days
  • Custom date range

The sales graph itself shows the following data:

  • Gross Sales plotted using a light blue line
  • Net Sales plotted in dark blue
  • Shipping Amount plotted in green
  • Refunds plotted in red
  • Coupon Values Redeemed plotted in orange

Hovering over a point with your mouse, will give you the exact figure.

Seller Reports

Sales by Product

The sales per product section shows sales per day in a given range, similarly to the overview section:

Seller Reports

You can select any handmade product from your shop to view sales data, and again drill down into by year, last month, this month, last 7 days, and custom date range.

Seller Reports

Sales by Category

You can also view sales numbers by categories.

Seller Reports

Coupons by date

Coupons by date shows discounts total and number of coupons used, plus provides the ability to filter by:

  • Coupon
  • View the most popular coupons
  • Coupons giving the most discounts

WooCommerce Coupons

Customer Downloads

Downloads have unique IDs, enabling them to be tracked and logged, and making it possible to view:

When the file was downloaded

Which products

The file name

On what order (clickable link)

Where the customer is located via IP address.

Seller Reports

It’s also possible to filter downloads by hovering over Product, Order or IP address with your mouse.

Seller Reports


The Customers tab allows you to view reports for Customers vs. Guests and Customer List with options to further sort by year, last month, this month, last 7 days, and custom.

  • In Customers vs. Guests, customers are paying customer who have registered on Craftrina.
  • Customer List only shows registered users.

Seller Reports


Stock lists your:

Low stock items

Out of stock items

Quantity left in stock.

Seller Reports


The reports for Taxes allows you to view Taxes by:

  • Code (state)
  • Taxes by date (year, last month, this month and custom dates you enter)

Seller Reports

Seller Reports

Export CSV

Seller Reports

The Export CSV allows sellers to download their reports.

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