Seller Product Custom Badge Management Tool

Sellers will be able to:

    • Manage their own badges
    •  Badge Management) [all settings]

When using the Craftrina Seller Product Custom Badge Management Tool on your mobile device, the image size might be off. By using the “Mobile breakpoint” option, you can edit this size so the badge will be shown correctly.

With the Force positioning option, you can force the badge positioning through JS to prevent issues that may occur. You can choose one of the options given in the drop-down menu:

  • No
  • Single product
  • Single product image
  • Shop page
  • Everywhere

Configuring Product Badges

To create a new badge to apply to the products in your shop, click on the “Add badge” field that you’ll find in the “Badges” section.

The badge can be created using “text”,”CSS”,”image” and “advanced” type. 

Text Badges

The badge is entirely formed of a text, for which you can customize colors, size, width, height and position.

To create a Text Badge, simply click on Badge Options tab in the Seller Dashboard. Next, you’ll find three customization sections:

Section 1-Select (by clicking on the image)  your CSS badge option.

Section 2- Choose your CSS options
  • Type the text of your label
  • Text color
  • Badge color
Section 3-Opacity and Position
  • Choose the opacity (transparency) level on the slider.
  • Anchor point positioning –Anchor points so you can jump from one position to another on the same page
  • Position (percentage or pixel)
  • Center positioning

css badge


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