Points & Rewards System 

Gain customer trust and loyalty with an effective point-based loyalty program and instant rewards. 

How you can benefit from it: 

  • Encourages customers to purchase from the same shop to get reward points. 
  • 47% of buyers complete the collection of points to get a coupon or a free product. 

Point-based loyalty programs and instant rewards-How it Works 

For each purchase a customer makes, or each action they take within your shop, they will collect points that, summed together, will turn into a discount on a new purchase. 

  •  Set the conversion rate (spend/points) to set the number of points customers can collect for each purchase 
  • View a list of customers and points collected with purchases 
  • Update the number of points earned by customers 
  • Customers can view points earned so far in the “My account” page 
  • Customers can redeem their points at checkout 
  • Customers can benefit from the discount calculated according to their points balance or select the number of points to use and change the discount amount accordingly 
  • Set a maximum amount for discounts (customization per category and single product) 
  • Assign a specific number of points for each simple or variable product to the customers who purchase from your shop 
  • Set an expiration date for points collected 
  • Decide to round up points or round down points  
  • Override points awarding rules on category and product level 
  • Send reminder emails prior to points expiring 
  • Remove points assigned to orders that are later cancelled or refunded 

Assign extra points when the following conditions occur: 

  • Registration in the store 
  • First order placed 
  • Review of product 
  • Specific spend threshold reached 
  • Specific number of points collected 
  • Customers birthday 
  • Assign or remove points from customers’ balance manually and add a description (visible to customers) to motivate this action 
Enable email sending to customers each time their point credit is updated 
  • Points due for the purchase of the selected product 
  • Discount in cart available according to points collected so far 
  • Possibility to set a percent discount based on the product price 
  • Possibility to set a minimum amount of discount under which customers can’t redeem their points 
  • Reset points history for all customers registered to the shop or just for some of them 
  • Ban/un-ban all customers or some of them so they can or can’t benefit from your Points rewarding program 
  • Limit the possibility to redeem points only to specific user roles 
  • Limit the possibility to earn points only to specific user roles 
  • View how many points every product award on archive pages 
  • Enable free shipping also if purchasing through points 
  • Assign points only when the order gets a specific status: Order completed, Payment completed, Order processing 

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