Linked Products 

Linked products are up-sells and cross-sells, which help you can help cross promote your handmade products in your Craftrina shop. They can be added by searching for a particular product and selecting the product from the drop-down menu list.  

After adding, they are listed in the input field.  


Up-sells are displayed on the product details page. These are products that you may wish to encourage users to upgrade, based on the product they are currently viewing. For example, if the user is viewing the coffee product listing page, you may want to display tea kettles on that same page as an up-sell.  


Cross-Sells are products that are displayed with the cart and related to the user’s cart contents. G

Product Grouping 

Grouping is used to make a product part of a grouped product.  


On the “Attributes” tab, you can assign details to a product. You will see a select box containing global attribute sets you created (e.g., platform). 

Once you have chosen an attribute from the select box, click add and apply the terms attached to that attribute to the product.  

Custom attributes can also be applied by choosing Custom product attribute from the select box. These are added at the product level and won’t be available in layered navigation or other products. 

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