How to Create a Product Listing

Each seller has the ability to create and set new products in their own Craftrina shop.

Go to the Seller Dashboard -> Products -> Add Product


  1. Add a thumbnail product photo
  2. Add product photos to the photo gallery (sellers can add multiple products photos here).
  3. Add the product title
  4. Add the product description
  5. Add an excerpt (summary) of the product description
  6. Choose the product type from the drop-down box:
  7. Simple product
  8. Group product
  9. Variable product
  10. Composite product
  11. Giftcard
  12. Choose whether it’s a virtual, downloadable, or serial number product (check the appropriate box).
  13. *Enter the external URL to the product.
  14. *This text will be shown on the button linking to the external product.
  15. Add the regular price ($)
  16. Add the sale price
  17. To schedule a sale -> click on the schedule link.
  18. To add the sale price dates (To: and From:)
  19. Upload your files-> Add File
  20. *Leave blank for unlimited downloads.
  21. *Enter the number of days before a download link expires, or leave blank for no expiration.
  22. Leave the tax status as “Taxable” in the drop-down box.
  23. Leave the tax class as “Standard” in the drop-down box.
  24. Optional-Add a featured product video (Youtube URL’s are accepted ONLY).¬†
  25. ONLY FOR GIFT CARD PRODUCT LISTINGS-Enter the Gift card amount
  • Enter the gift card discount percentage
  • Add the gift card discount percent text
  • Add when the gift card will expire (year-month-day)
  • Select an option for the Manual Amount Mode (“Default”, “Enabled” or “Disabled”) for gift card
  • Add a minimal manual amount for gift card

For the status section choose one of the following:

  • “Published” to make your product listing live within the Craftrina Marketplace.
  • “Draft” which does not post your product listing to the Craftrina Marketplace. (use this setting when you need to come and finish setting up your product listing).
  • Choose your product categories
  • Choose your product tags

Once you have created your product listing, click “save” and your product will become a live product listing within the Craftrina Marketplace.

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