How to Choose and Apply Search Terms to a Product

In this article, we explain how to choose and apply search terms to a product. Start with the item to classify and refer to our Browse Tree Guide (BTG) for Item Type Keywords. Refer to the Valid Values tables in the flat file template for the appropriate and relevant refinements.  The Item Type must have the same exact spelling and formatting as listed in the BTG. 

Make sure all of your products have keywords for the most specific subcategory possible. Craftrina search automatically indexes the search terms that are derived from the standard-product-id and product-title, so you do not have to. This allows you to add even more keywords to your products. There are five separate entries for the keyword field and each can contain up to 50 characters—comma separated. Search terms help customers find products. Product titles and company names are already searchable, so think about other words that describe the product. We have added new attributes and refinements that help customers narrow their search results. Refinements correspond with new fields in the feed templates, XML XSDs, and “Add a Product” tool, so you can provide additional attributes that apply to your handmade products.

Think like a customer when choosing your terms; try to use words that customers might enter into the search bar, including synonyms.  

Guidelines for listing your Search Terms 

  • Each product can have up to five search lines of 50 characters per field; that’s 250 characters available for your search terms
  • The words you choose are the terms our search engine uses when customers search the site
  • The individual words of the title, seller, and brand are automatically included as search terms and you do not need to add them to the keyword field 
  • Any combination of title words and search terms are fully searchable  *Please reference the Browse Tree Guide (BTG) for the full list of ITKs and attributes. We’ve also created Item Type Keywords for various sub-categories to ensure products are classified correctly.


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