Craftrina’s Coupon Email System

With Craftrina’s Coupon Email System, sellers can create and send coupons to customers for specific events to gain customer trust and loyalty, as well as encourage customers to buy from them.

Seller Benefits:

Sellers can send customers coupons for birthdays Encourage customers to purchase by sending them a coupon when they have spent a specific amount or placed a certain number of orders; Sellers can encourage customers to come back to their shop in the future by sending an automatic coupon after a certain configured period since their last activity.

A Powerful Yet East Strategy to Get Customers to Remember Your Shop

Thanks to our Coupon Email System plugin, you will be able to manage coupons and discounts easily and quickly. Send focused coupons to encourage your customers to purchase the products in your Craftrina shop. You can send a coupon with a discount for customer birthdays, or create coupons for customers that didn’t make a purchase, just to revive their interest in what’s new in your shop. Coupons can help encourage the purchase of certain products; the possibilities are endless!  

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