Craftrina’s Content Usage and Citation Policy 

Attribution Guidelines 

There’s only one proper way to reference a when providing attribution, and that’s by using of our full company name, “Craftrina.” 

Reprints of Published Content 

You need prior written permission if you want to use content from Craftrina content externally.

For example, in: 

  • Press releases, blog posts, and articles 
  • External marketing collateral 
  • Posting complete documents on an internet or intranet site 
  • Posting partial sections of documents on an internet or intranet site 
  • Emailing complete or partial documents to partners or external contacts 

For reprint and web rights pricing information, please contact us. 

Excerpts from Content for Marketing Collateral, Web Content, Articles, or Company Blog Posts 

All Research: 

  • All content must be approved by Craftrina before publication. 
  • All excerpts must be included verbatim, in their entirety, and appear accurately with all relevant context. Paraphrasing is not allowed. 
  • Quotes must include the full sentence you wish to excerpt, or if in bullet form, the complete thought. 
  • Craftrina content may not be used to endorse a vendor, product, service, or to criticize a competitor. No company-specific excerpts regarding competitors and no one-to-one comparisons with other vendors are permitted. 
  • Proper attribution must be given to Craftrina and the original content source for all excerpts. 

Press Release Guidelines  

The following Craftrina boilerplate MUST be included at the end of your press release: 

About Craftrina 

Craftrina ( is North America’s fastest growing online marketplace for buyers and sellers of handmade. 


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