Craftrina’s Anti-Fraud System 

Did you know that when fraudulent purchases are made with a credit card, approximately 90% of the time, the bank will compensate the buyer (not the seller), therefore, the seller not only the sale, but the handmade product as well? 

Our Anti-Fraud System creates safety rules that block fraudulent purchases in your Craftrina shop. The Anti-Fraud System checks to see if there are any suspicious actions during the purchase process by assigning them a coefficient of risk which will block the order automatically if it is too high, setting it as pending order. 

When this happens, we receive an email notification and we thoroughly investigate the situation, before approving the purchase of the product.  

How you as a seller can benefit from it: 

  • We apply automatic cross checks on different variables such as IP address, geo-location, email address, to block all the orders matching suspicious parameters. 
  • Our Anti-Fraud System prevents economic loss due to unauthorized transactions that at 90% are reimbursed by the bank and can compromise your shops reputation. 

Scams are rising in numbers and as a seller you have the right and the need to protect yourself, in order to create a truly functional shop with no security weakness. 

A fraudulent purchase affects your store in several ways: 

  • It increases the risk of refunds for the seller.
  • It increases the risk of ending up into banks’ blacklists.
  • It wastes time & money
  • It damages the public. image of your company in the eyes of customers. 

How our Anti-Fraud System Works: 

  • Verification of the billing and shipping address of the users.
  • 3 different fraud risk levels: low, medium and high.
  • Check if users’ email belongs to suspicious domains.
  • Control how many orders are made by a user in a specific time span.
  • Block orders of specific email address.
  • Added to blacklist when orders have a high-level fraud risk.
  • Confirmation of the email for a valid PayPal account via verification email.
  • All orders with a high level of fraud risk are automatically cancelled. 

Learn more about Anti-Fraud Policy 

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