Improving your Handmade Business Through Customer Feedback. When it comes to customer insight, improving your handmade business through customer feedback-it simply starts with asking your customers for feedback, analyzing the feedback and then applying that to the product s and services you offer a
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The Ability of Good Writing is an Art   The ability of good writing is an art, therefore, correct grammar usage facilitates clear communication. Paying close attention to your language can convey clear and organized writing that strengthens your personal writing style allowing for the individuality of expression and purpose. In order to clearly communicate, you need to […]
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Effective Ways to Promote Your Shop and Products on Craftrina  Promoting your shop and the products it contains is directly related to the number of sales you receive. Craftrina provides you with effective ways to promote your shop and products on Craftrina. Learn how you can effectively market your shop to get those sales rolling […]
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