How to Get a Refund for Shipping Costs 

Please visit PayPal’s refund request page to request a refund for the return shipping cost through PayPal’s “Return Shipping on Us” program. 

Note: A copy of the receipt must be provided in order to be eligible for return shipping reimbursement. 

Please be sure to follow the steps outlined on the page and provide proof of the return shipment in order to be eligible for a refund for the cost. 

When returning your purchase, please remember to consult your courier for the most affordable return shipping option that still provides delivery confirmation to the seller’s address.  

If PayPal is unable to refund the return shipping costs via this program, please contact our support team and we’ll assist you further. 

Please note that PayPal’s program caps reimbursement at $30 per shipment, and Craftrina can only reimburse up to $50 in addition to PayPal. Please be sure to select a tracking shipment option that is within $80 or less to ensure you can be reimbursed for the full cost. 

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