How to Buy Safely on Craftrina 

We’ve created this helpful guide with tips on how to safely make a purchase on Craftrina. If at any time you’re concerned about the safety of a transaction or the integrity of a product listing, check out our tips or contact us.  Here’s how to buy safely on Craftrina:

  • Only make purchases on the s on theCraftrinaapp or Craftrina desktop/mobile websites. 

By purchasing through the Craftrina payment system, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully protected should anything go wrong. If something does happen to go wrong, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase if your item doesn’t arrive or is significantly not as the seller described. You should NEVER pay for an item offsite – even if it is being paid directly through PayPal, bank transfer, concealed cash or any other methods outside of Craftrina. *Any meet-in-person transactions are also not eligible for Buyer or Seller Protection.  

Please Note: Any Offsite Transactions between a buyer and seller are NOT affiliated with Craftrina or the Craftrina Marketplace in any way. 

NOTE: Payments made via the guest checkout option (without logging into a PayPal account) are not eligible for Buyer Protection. 

  •  Always check the seller’s customer reviews.

Always make a habit of checking the seller’s customers reviews. Locate the seller details on a listing page. A seller’s customer reviews can viewed from their shop’s main page, as well as on each individual product listing (if the product has been purchased in the past and buyer left a review). 

  • Communicate with the seller.

An honest seller will never have something to hide. So, don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about their shop, products, policies, etc. If you feel as though there’s missing information about a product. Here’s some things you can ask the seller for: 

Proof of Purchase (proof that the item is in the seller’s possession)- If the sellers Craftrina username it’s not already shown in the product photo(s) (which is usually written on a sheet of paper and placed next to the item).  

Shipping location– If you don’t see a shipping option for your location, ask the seller about the price including shipping costs to your location. 

  • Keep an eye out for signs of unauthentically handmade items.

While we have a great team of Craftrina moderators working around the clock to keep Craftrina free of inauthentic handmade items, they’re still human and may not catch every inauthentic handmade item listed. If you see a suspicious listing that doesn’t appear to be authentically handmade or might be purposefully concealing signs of unauthenticity, you should report it to us as soon as possible using the ‘Report‘ button so we can investigate the listing further. 

  •  Always ask the seller to ship the item with full tracking information.

Always make sure the seller is shipping an item with full shipment tracking information. Shipment tracking information keeps both the buyer and seller in the know. You’ll both know where the item is at any given time and you both will be notified when the item has been delivered. If the seller hasn’t added a tracking number to your conversation or via PayPal within 3 days, send the seller a reminder message and contact our support team for further assistance if they continue to neglect to do so. 


We offer a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for all buyers who follow the guidelines for Buyer Protection. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

We greatly value our Craftrina community, so in the event that something ends up going wrong with your purchase and as long as you have followed the proper Craftrina procedures, we’ll ensure you receive the item you purchase as described or your money back. If you do run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to review our Trust & Safety page and reach out to our support team should you require further assistance. 

Learn more about Buyer Protection 

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