What to do When You Get a PayPal Error 

A PayPal error may occur as a result of a hold PayPal placed during the processing of the payment. When this type of hold occurs, the seller must have funds in their PayPal balance to cover the Craftrina fees, or the payment is automatically reversed. In this case, if the seller does not have the required funds in their PayPal balance, they should add them by initiating a transfer from a confirmed bank account. Once the transfer is complete, the buyer should be able to successfully reattempt their purchase. 

A PayPal error can also be due to the seller having spending limitations based on recent purchases, currency limitations based on location, an open PayPal dispute, or account access limitations based on if your email and address credentials are verified. You may also need to reset your PayPal Security Key if you have one. If the issue persists, please contact PayPal and have the other user do the same to determine the cause. If PayPal is unable to determine the cause for either user, this error may be the result of a temporary issue on PayPal ends which can be resolved by attempting checkout at a later time. Unfortunately, we’re unable to resolve this issue ourselves as this is an error occurring from PayPal’s side within their checkout system. 

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