How to Appeal an Unfavorable PayPal Dispute Case Decision 

PayPal uses the information provided by buyers and sellers in the PayPal Resolution Center for each dispute case. If you believe PayPal has unfairly decided your case, it’s possible that you may have the option to appeal their decision. 

Here’s How to Appeal an Unfavorable PayPal Dispute case decision:

To appeal a case decision, navigate to the PayPal website, sign in to your account and click “Resolution Center,” which is located at the top of the screen. 

Then follow the instructions below: 

  1. Click “All Closed Cases” from the “View” drop-down menu. 
  1. Click the “Appeal” button next to the case you want to appeal. 
  1. Fill out the form addressing your reason behind the appeal, including information on why you’re appealing and what evidence you have that backs up your claims, and submit everything. A PayPal representative will contact you at your registered email address to continue the appeal process personally. Depending on the nature of the appeal, you may need to provide a police report, evidence or fill out an affidavit. If PayPal approves your appeal, PayPal will reimburse you for the transaction. 

Please note: You can also appeal a claim by contacting PayPal customer service via their telephone number.

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