Browsing and Searching Products on Craftrina 

Customers visit to shop specifically for handmade products. When browsing and searching products on Craftrina, they can find handmade products in two ways:  

  • By using the browsing option 
  • Using search terms 

Most often customers use a combination of browsing and search terms. What’s important is that you customers can find your products either way.  

Drive traffic by providing Item Type Keywords (ITKs) and Search Terms.  


Browse Thousands of merchants sell millions of products on  

To help customers find products easily, Craftrina has developed a detailed product hierarchy or browse-tree structure. Customers can refine their search by category and subcategory links until they reach the most specific product type. Craftrina uses the type keywords to classify product detail pages under the correct browsing nodes. In order for your products to continue to appear when customers refine their category options, they MUST be classified correctly.  

Craftrina has included all of the item type keywords that you will need in order to fully and properly classify your products for browse discovery purposes. Be sure that when adding Item type keywords to products that they match *exactly* to the spelling and format of the item type keywords that we have listed in our Browse Tree Guide.  

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