Shop Small This Holiday Season & Show Big Support!

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  As huge supporters of small businesses and all things handmade, Craftrina proudly supports the Shop Small Movement and Small Business Saturday. Shop Small is a nationwide movement that celebrates small businesses that keep communities thriving and well. It’s a wonderful movement that belongs to every one of us. Small Business Saturday – was founded in 2010 by American Express. It’s a very special day that celebrates and shows support as an entire nation for small business owners and their communities. This special day has been taking place every year since 2010, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and help encourage others to Shop Small this holiday season (as well as throughout the year of course!). That’s right—Black Friday weekend!   Make a Difference & Show Your Support For Shop Small This year is your...

Crochet | Estimating Stitch & Row Count

crochet projects
  Estimating stitch and row count needed for a crochet project is super easy. This article will teach you how to estimate how much yarn you need for a particular project requires. All it takes is a little simple math to figure out how many stitches and rows that are required to complete your project. Once you’ve chosen your project, you’ll want to purchase the yarn you plan to use for your project. It’s always a good idea to purchase more yarn than you might need. Remember, that your gauge may vary slightly throughout your project. It’s also important to remember that you need to account for the yarn tails you leave at the beginning and end of your work as well as every time you change colors or add a new skein of yarn.   Counting Crochet Stitches In order to determine whether you’re achieving the correct gauge...

How to Improve Writing Skills | Write and Improve

how to improve writing skills
How to Improve Writing Skills | Write and Improve The ability of good writing is art. Correct grammar usage facilitates clear communication. It comes down to how to improve writing skills. Paying close attention to your language can convey clear and organized writing that strengthens your personal writing style allowing for the individuality of expression and purpose. In order to clearly communicate, you need to present your thoughts in an organized fashioned. The key here is to guide readers from one thought to another smoothly. Selling online requires having a great ability to write. After all, online sellers depend on their writing for product descriptions, policies, terms of use, etc. So, as a seller—it's only natural to want to improve your writing skills. Keep reading to learn the important aspects of good writing. How to Improve...

Five Minute Crafts for Kids-DIY Stickers

5 minute crafts for kids
Five Minute Crafts for Kids-DIY Stickers When it comes to stickers, kids can never have enough. They love collecting them, maybe preserving them in a special sticker book and of course—they love sticking them on things. Most stickers run on the expensive side. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your child could create your own stickers with just a few supplies you most likely already have at home? Well, now you can with our five minute crafts DIY sticker tutorial! This is seriously a super quick post which goes to show just how easy this kids craft really is. Ready, set, let’s go! Supplies & Materials Needed: Magazines, comic books, gift wrap, coloring books, etc. (something you don’t mind cutting) Unflavored gelatin (you can use flavored gelatin, but the unflavored is clear) Water Paint Brush   How to Create ...

Crochet For Beginners | The Crochet Hook

crochet for beginners | The Crochet Hook
Crochet For Beginners     Are you looking to learn how to crochet? Then you're in the right spot because this article is about crochet basics. When it comes to crochet for beginners, it essentially takes only two very basic things—a crochet hook and some yarn. There’s an array of different crochet hook sizes made of many different materials available. Now that you’ve taken the first step into the crochet world, you’ll find that it holds plenty of wonderful opportunities. Once you learn the basics of crochet, you can create crochet pieces for yourself, gifts for others, as well as crochet goods you can sell! Crochet’s also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s quite mind boggling how such a small and simple, non-mechanical tool is capable of creating yarn masterpieces. As much as you might think the...

Mockup Backgrounds | FREE Mockup Design

Mockup backgrounds are a great way to present your products in a professional way while conveying a story about your product. It’s only natural wanting to create an unforgettable first impression when presenting your handmade goods for sale online right? Uniquely making your product stand out from the competition is key.   Factor In Your Competition It’s inevitable that at some point you'll come across a competitor selling a similar product. Do you really want potential customers even considering your competition in spite of all the hard work you put into handmade good? Now, customers need to make the decision to purchase your handmade good or your competitors. If your competitor's product photos and presentation is more professional and describes the product better than yours—you could lose that sale. So, how do you find you...

Support Handmade | Craftrina Spotlight

support handmade-handmade sewing
Craftrina Spotlight- Support HandmadeThe handmade community and industry is one of which provides a sense of belonging and economic empowerment. It’s a community which values and honors artists and crafter's, creating a strong bond among those who make, sell, and buy handmade goods.Those who support handmade allow the community to thrive.The essence of handmade enables creators to pass down their handcrafted skills for generations to come. Sadly, without it, those skills eventually become a thing of the past. For that reason, it’s crucial to keep the handmade community alive and well. In order to keep a strong community, it requires the support of the handmade art by makers and small businesses.Craftgate-Art & Craft DirectoryOne such wonderful company is Craftgate. They have been supporting makers of handmade for over twenty years. They...

Customer Care | Building Trust Making Your First Sales!

customer care-making your first sale celebration
Customer care is crucial if you goal is to have a successful, profitable small business. Customers visiting a new shop within an online marketplace for the first time may be skeptical because they know absolutely nothing about that shops product quality, brand, or how committed they are to ensuring their customers are satisfied. It’s no secret that the majority of customers look for guidance among customer reviews. They look for read both the positive and negative reviews in order to come to a conclusion. So, as a new shop—how do you establish sales without reviews or social proof? How can you prove your trust and make potential customers confident that their making the right decision purchasing from your shop? If you’re facing this dilemma and feel completely lost, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. In fact, most new shop...
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