Creating a Grouped Product  

Grouped Products

Creating grouped product is similar to creating a Simple Product. The only difference is you select “Grouped” from the Product Type drop-down menu.  

To create your parent product select ‘Grouped’ from the Product Type drop-down menu.  

  • Create the Grouped Product Go to: Seller Dashboard> Products > Add New 
  • Enter a Title for the Grouped product
  • Scroll down to “Product Data” and select “Grouped” from the drop-down menu. The price and several other fields disappear. This is normal because a Grouped Product is a collection of ‘child products’, which is where you add this information.  
  • Publish 

The Grouped product is still an empty group. To this Grouped product, you need to:  

  • Create products and add them  
  • Add existing child products  

Having the choice to first create Simple products and add them to a Grouped product later; or first create a Grouped product and add Simple products later gives you flexibility to add Simple products to more than one Grouped product.  

Add products to the Group  

  • Go to: Seller Dashboard> New 
  • Select the Grouped product you wish to add products to.  
  • Scroll down to Product Data and go to Linked Products 
  • Select “Grouped Products”, and search for the product by typing  
  • Click the products you wish to add.  
  • Update  
  • You can drag and drop to reorder the Grouped Products. Once you press Update, the new order will be shown on the product page

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